• Manmar Publishing House was founded on June 23 1997, a shortly after Armenia declared its independence. It became one of the first private enterprises in publishing business of Armenia.
  • Since its establishment, Manmar PH has been engaged in creating and publishing exclusively educational materials.
  • During the passed 20 years of its operation it has published a large range of significant educational materials, such as atlases (Armenian History Atlases volumes A; B and C), wallmaps, dictionaries (Armenian-English, English-Armenian, Picture Dictionaries, IT dictionary, etc.), children encyclopedias, pre-school, school and university textbooks, as well as numerous and various knowledge promoting supplementary materials.
  • Manmar publications are well known not only in Armenia, but also in Armenian Diaspora.
  • Besides book publishing, Manmar is also engaged in importing and re-selling the books of the world leading publishers Longman/Pearson, Penguin, Cambridge University Press and Dorling Kindersley in Armenia.
  • In virtue of this job we provide the schools, higher educational institutions and language teaching centers of Armenia with variety of ELT books of higher quality , as well as popular scientific literature for inquisitive minds.
  • Manmar PH succeeded in creation of effective book-selling network throughout Armenia.